january first 2014

Happy New Year everyone!  This compound image was taken up at my VERY blustery plot on January first this year.  You can see that it wasn't really THAT cold, quite possible to wear flip flops darling .............. hmmmmmmm much hilarity but not alot of gardening went on

later that same day

the autumn clear up begins ......... same day as the wonderful sun in the last post, clouds are hovering, weeds are being pulled, edges are being revealed .......... AND I do love the peppery smell of the nasturtiums as I pull up their soggy remains 

november chysanthemum

Today is Nov 14th, the late autumn sun has been shining and gently warming my back while I was working.  BUT I was stopped in my clearing up tracks by this totally amazing chrysanthemum sweetly smiling in the sunlight and whose colour is quite luscious and wondrous.  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING 

agrostis 'fibre optics'

Agrostis 'fibre optics' the best ever filler for late summer and autumn.  It grows and re-grows, looks stunning with everything.  Looks stunning on its own.  Actually if I could wear it I would .... 

next years bulbs have arrived

Here are the little wonders ready to be planted!  A bunch of these flowers to anyone who can tell me, within 50 either way, how many bulbs there are ............

October and its wonderful weather

So far this October the weather has been so wonderfully benign that even the summer flowering Romneya (tree poppy) had a single bloom on it.  You can tell its late in the year though by the light of the background exposure.  And of course the ever faithful cosmos have just kept on flowering and flowering and get stronger and last longer as the days get cooler and nghts get longer.  QUITE amazing.

late summer cosmos flush

Wonderful late summer sun encouraging these amazing cosmos to keep on flowering. Much to the joy of the bees and of me toooooooo .....

nicandra physaloides 'violecea'

The Shoo Fly plant.  This is my current fav and is the most entrancing thing.  You have to look at it over and again, and the more you do the more intriguing it is.  

flowers for a folk festival

Picture by Ben of www.caffe-mobile.co.uk who bought the flowers for his coffee stall at the folk festival here in Cambridge last weekend.

green credentials ....

Sorry sorry sorry, hang head in shame, my green credentials are blown asunder by the purchase of a van to help me get from my home to my plot.  It is a revelation to me!  I haven't owned a car for about 30 years, and had forgotten all about driving in a box.  So .......... really weird to being with BUT it is being very helpful and does mean that I can deliver further afield, and most importantly that my flowers are safe and sheltered within.   Pic of le van blanc to come soon.  

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