Tulipa Professor Rontgen

Last autumn I planted plenty of bulbs in seried ranks to bloom and blossom in successional brilliance so that I could have some to add to other things to highlight and beautify spring sprigs.  Ha ha di ha ha ...... for on account of the unseasonably warm weather last week, which in most ways was totally lovelllly, they are all bloomin and blossomin at the same time.  Beautiful yes! but not doing as requested when being planted in the autumn.  Hmmmm, little point in worrying since one has absolutely no control whatsoever. BUT notwithstanding, it did remind me that it is important to think creatively so that a not so promising situation can be somehow turned around .... . Philosophical moi?  By the way, you blog readers you, should you click on the date of any particular day you fancy at that moment in time, there is usually a photo inside there too.