To start the proceedings a beautiful basketful of Orignaum Kent Beauty, delicate pink and limegreen that shimmers in a light breeze and smells divine.  This would grace any table.  Sometimes all you need is one thing, where less is indeed more.  










A radiant bride on a radiant summers wedding at Jesus College, photo Tony Lumb at




























Castle Mound the site of this summer wedding                                          






















Last quiet thoughts before the ceremony in a beautiful site beside a lake


























See more of this wedding at


A beautiful outdoor Mayday wedding.















And here we go off into our new life together .....................











































OK! that is some of the brides what about other people to join the fun .........

A thoughtful dad having his boutonniere pinned on                                            













I seem to remember it was quite blustery on this wedding day in July, and I was not sure how long the fluffy crowns would stay on .......













It's always fun when I do some of the flowery things, and the bride and groom and their friends and family do the rest, as happened with the lovely Becs and Matt.  I made the bouquets and buttonholes, and they did the rest beautifully! 



























































































And another favourite of mine is when I provide the flowers, and then the bride, groom and their friends and families get stuck in and do ALL the rest, often adding in flowers and special plants that they have grown themselves.  



















































If you decide to go down the DIY route, I am always happy to advise you about the flowers, which ones do well out of water for example, or those that prefer to be in a vase on their own, how to cut the stems and any useful little helpful tips to make your day a huge success.  I am often asked "if we do the table arrangements and other flowery decs on the day before will the flowers be ok the next day?" YES! the flowers are always soooooo fresh, that an overnight stay in situ, in their vases, should never be a problem.  

And finally back to the heavenly Origanum Kent Beauty, looks good in hair too!