Do you like cutting flowers from your garden to have inside, but are a tad reluctant to raid the main beds to do so?   If you would you like to explore how it is possible to grow flowers specifically for cutting, in a small part of your garden, now might be the time!  You don’t need a huge garden, just a love of flowers and a pair of sharp scissors!


I will be running courses, this autumn and next spring, to look at :

  • how to make the best of a small growing space 
  • what cuts and keeps well in the vase
  • planning which seeds to grow, when and how to sow them
  • how do bulbs, perennials, shrubs and grasses fit in?


We will also have a go at

  • sowing seeds for the following season, which can be taken home with you at the end of the day, to plant in your garden ready for spring and/or early summer cutting.


The courses are run from my home, so you can see what I grow, where and how I grow it, what I am experimenting with this year.  Each course will run for three hours starting at 10.00 a.m.  The cost per course of £90.00 will include all materials used, coffee/tea and the odd slice of cake.  


Space is limited, four people per course, but courses can be repeated.


Contact me, Nicola, to discuss things further, via this website.  



Follow up courses, next year, to include :

  • cutting and conditioning the flowers that you grow
  • making a hand tied bouquet from the flowers that you grow
  • propagation
  • growing shrubs/foliage for cutting