I grow all the flowers locally in a patch of Cambridge that is, unusually, not built on. The flowers are season specific, so there will not be any daffodils in July.  Well, unless the weather starts being really weird and then of course who knows... . However, there will be a host of other fine and graceful flowers to choose from.  For example, arching Crocosmia, or mysterious Queen Anne's Lace, blowsy Pinks, sensuous roses and cheerfully colourful nasturtiums which surprisingly have a wonderfully long vase life.  I can provide you with stems for you to arrange yourselves, or I can turn them into beautiful hand-tied bouquets, should you wish them for a gift.


Once the bulbs are up, the regular box scheme can get up and running again.  it is £10.00 per delivery, which can be weekly, fornightly or monthly. I shall also be reguarly visiting Balzano's delicatessan and cafe on Saturday mornings.  Their coffee and croissant are, as ever, delicious so its always worth a visit! Be sure to be there in good time if you want flowers as they tend to sell very quickly.


Meanwhile if you just fancy a bunch to brighten up your day its always worth giving me a quick phone call to find out what is available. So, whether you would like flowers for an occassion, every now and then, or are thinking that it would just fab to have some on a more regular basis, please do contact me I would be delighted to discuss things further with you.  


Deliveries within Cambridge are free. Outside of Cambridge there is a small charge.  Up to five miles add £5.00 to the cost of your bunch, up to ten miles add £10.00 to the cost.