developments at b and b!

B and B is moving forward  this next season with some new and exciting plans ..........

2018 ....seal ahoy!

Another year ....... woo ! what a lot has been going on in the flowery world of b and b.  2017 was a very busy year and great fun too, but it did mean I was a bit negligent keeping up to date with the blogedy blog. 

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more willowy work

Nothin like a bit of concentration evidenced by the firm pursing of the lips ............. will be demonstrating, and selling, wreaths, swags and other alternative Christams decorations  outside Balzanos on Cherry Hinton Rd this coming Saturday - the 17th.  There might be the odd bauble or two but I promise no tinsel!  (photo Sam )

wreath making

Christmas wreath making time of year ........  willow is a wonderful thing to work with!  Its pliability encouraged by a long soak in a bath, and on the day by the warmth of my hands as I encouraged it do what I hoped I would like it to do!  Photos taken by Sam 

autumnal cosmos

Dew on the staggeringly tough but boy-do-they-look-so-very-fragile Cosmos in October. 

Origanum Kent Beauty

Hmmmmmm profuse apologies its been ages since I postsed any pics BUT I have been flat out working and dear old blogy has been somehwat ignored.  It has been a challenging year, cold spring, hot dry summer, SLUGS by the bucket full.  BUT, notwithstanding, a productive year.  So a few pics to show what's been a-growing magnificently this year.  In July the Origanum Kent Beauty, fragile is at its best.   Beautiful in its fragitlity, with an intoxicating whiff that wafts past your nostrils as you pick and collect.  Have a look at the entry for 15th July 2015 to see it before being picked. Once picked it is left to dry in the cool for use in December.  Look out for it in my Christmas wreaths.  

swanky b+w photo with a taste of spring

I realised as soon as I was took this pic that the camera was in black and white mode.  Hmmmmmm the instruction manual was at home, and my fingers were covered in earth so here is a b+w pic of the early spring preparations that have been busying along at top speed between the frosts and the crazy warmth that we have also had.  Will swap back to colour with clean hands and post one soon .......... but so you DO know the flowers are on their way.. !

Angel's fishing rod

Well now I was given this plant when I started those few years back.  Would it flower .......ha ha ha NO! hmmm as neither the giver nor receiver seemed to know what it was, it was a question of Just as well I am a patient soul. For lo! what a beauty to behold one early morning last week.  

wonderful beautiful origanum 'kent beauty'

quite the most beautiful thing!

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