30th Jan blues

OK chaps, its cold and damp and raining outside - hey its January.  So here are some pics to gladden your heart and remind you of things to come later in the year ............. the colours of the annual asters, the sea of ammi, the heavenly blue of the sculptural nigella, and the luminous red of the flax - which by the way is lousy in a vase BUT beautiful in the field and so I grow it because it is just SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL ......

juxtaposition 29th dec

the juxtaposition of the olive still green and the seed head nearly eaten made me quite philosophical in the last days of December, thinking back and looking forward and feeling ever hopeful of a good season to come

jan first a bit more

JUST who am I kidding ....... ?

january first 2014

Happy New Year everyone!  This compound image was taken up at my VERY blustery plot on January first this year.  You can see that it wasn't really THAT cold, quite possible to wear flip flops darling .............. hmmmmmmm much hilarity but not alot of gardening went on