balzano's a week later

floriferous Saturday 

highs and lows on a blustery August day

up above the clouds were skidding along whilst down below the flax was gently wafting in the breeze, what a beautiful day and what beautiful light 

Ammi Visnaga

This is a grand sight IF an over-sow on my part ...... with both the Eschscholzia californica and Ammi Visnaga going in, and on, in the same thoroughly confused row.  Not as confused as me though, records showed I had sown the Ammi Vis  BUT could I find it  ...... NOPE! and then saw it germinating through the earlier flowering Eschsch.   Fab a dab ...

Scabiosa caucasica

and here we have a Scabious with both a beautiful flower and seed head ........ and no its not a dandelion

Scabiosa stellata 'sternkugel'

funnily enough a Scabious with a not very interesting flower BUT wooooooo a totally beautiful seed head

16th just one more pic!

getting the drift of the sunflower and the oh so arty reflection of the photographer ........

this weekend,16th August, at Balzano's

Just a little glimpse at this weekend sales.  A rather belated entry since last time ......... but more to come soon.  The sunflowers glimpsed in the second pic were uncharacteristically bashful and preferred looking at the pavement ......... which is a shame as they have a beautiful soft, if intense, autumn hue.