20th March

An absolutely fab day, warm and sunny.  Seeds all doing well, but I am bit concerned that the dry weather will limit how things do.  My water-butts wont last a nano second if this continues.  Normal for later in the year, but not yet. Hmmmmmm


Prunus institia - glorious Bullace

Ranunculus Picotee Pink

Right....  I have just planted 100 Ranunculus Picotee Pink having soaked them for 24 hours.  Developing from dry claw like things yesterday and growing to slimey baby oysterish like things today. Oysters, I feel I should add here, are not my favourite food.  BUT hopefully these wee things will turn into beautiful pink and white blobs that will look just fab in a vase.  Last time I did Ranunculus NOT ONE came up.  SO this time I am being a bit more organised and have put most of them in flower pots so I can really watch what is going on!  Some have gone in the ground too, so a compare and contrast sesh can take place in the event that any come up.  

9th March

Gosh! a long time since Feb and last posting.  I have been busy sowing seeds. I am intrigued by a new plant to me, one I have NEVER grown before.  It is called Pasithea Caerulea a graceful and slender blue flowered beauty.  Sowing something new you never quite know what to expect - will it germinate? will it be potted on easily?  What will happen then?  Always very exciting, even when challenging too. Will keep you posted.  The process of sowing does, of course, have its other predicaments .... namely the glasses on/glasses off quandry ... are they to be perched precariously on the end of nose not being much good before slipping off altogether? or shifted absent mindedly to the top of my head to become entangled in my hair and smudged by my soily fingers?  Hmmm