hello summer

from the 7th may on the left to the 13th may on the right hurrah we think summer is a-comin in .......... ha ha ha not it seems to have got a bit stuck on 24th may to rather gloomy and cool .... apologies for the lack of punctuation it has deserted me for the day ...... but you must agree it is a very heartening sight and they last remarkably well in the vase too the clever little blighters 

april 15th

briefly liberated feet on the 15th April - not yet a daily occurence but I live in hope!

Tulip Barbados

This is one of the most beautiful tulips I have ever seen, it starts with a strong green streak and then slowly deepens to this magnificent red. The tulips last a good two weeks in the vase. Definitely one for next year.  Pic taken on the 5th May