rain drops keep falling on my van

looking out, from inside the van, waiting for the rain and hail to pass and pondering my plot through the drops .......

rainy wednesday 26th March

great day planting, slightly less fun day on the mud stakes .... 

As promised

Here they are! if you have been paying strict attention you will know what I am on about ........... haven't you? oh well never mind .......... my elbows were planted firmly on the ground to take the pic ........ so if you are very lucky I will take another when they are rather larger.

foggy 13th

A foggy old start to the day, which cleared by midday. The spiders had been busy on the Cerinthe ......... very magical.

2014 is getting going

These wonderful Tulips are't quite ready yet! but they are showing sure signs of action. In fact next time I am up I will take a pic of the emerging leaf - as it is actually very pretty in its own right.  The N. Cragford are ready though..... see next blog entry.  Well alright I know this isn't really a blog, but it is a sort of diary which is what a blog is in essence.  

spring heaven

One minute tight buds and then, heart leaping stuff ......... beautiful vision.  This is a Narcissi Cragford.  But what really made me jump for joy was the first Anenome de Caen in flower.  JUST wonderful! The warmth of the weekend has brought them on.  NO FROSTS NOW PLEASE.