poppy seed heads

Working on an arrangement.  Opium poppy seed heads are interesting and sculptural, adding contrasting height and interest to the other flowers ...... many thanks to Elena Moses for the photo.

Nigella and Calendula

Another happy juxtaposition of self seeded plants that work well together, and which can be incorporated into bunches for sale.  I think plants should probably have copyright!

luzula nivea

Luzula nivea with a Geranium 'Nicola' in happy cohabitation. When I am taking a break from picking and working, I look around me and see how plants have grown together and take careful note.  Without wishing to sound hideously pompous I take HUGE inspiration from the art of nature, transfering what I see to how I put flowers together for sale.  In this case the Luzula last well in water, the geranium less well, so it would have to be the sort of the thing that might be put together for a party where no-one was looking for the flowers to last a week.

Hydrangea arborescens 'annabelle'

Another wonderful plant. Vast white blooms that mellow to a pale green.  In my garden it is growing in friendly co-existence with Persicaria.  I didn't have to do anything else but put them together in a vase and they looked fab.

Aster Ostrich plumed

I have been a bit snooty about Asters .......... until now that is, these are just the most gorgeous little cheery fluffy flowers out! They feel very fragile when you first pick them, but are sturdy enough and transported well from field to vase, and last a good five days once arranged.