hello summer

from the 7th may on the left to the 13th may on the right hurrah we think summer is a-comin in .......... ha ha ha not it seems to have got a bit stuck on 24th may to rather gloomy and cool .... apologies for the lack of punctuation it has deserted me for the day ...... but you must agree it is a very heartening sight and they last remarkably well in the vase too the clever little blighters 

april 15th

briefly liberated feet on the 15th April - not yet a daily occurence but I live in hope!

Tulip Barbados

This is one of the most beautiful tulips I have ever seen, it starts with a strong green streak and then slowly deepens to this magnificent red. The tulips last a good two weeks in the vase. Definitely one for next year.  Pic taken on the 5th May

Bullace 2015

My Bullace at its most majestic this afternoon, a full month later than last year.  

spring anemone

from field to vase or from heaven to heaven

22nd March

Just a speedy update to say, spring is definitely springing, the bulbs are growing, blossom is blossoming AND we are past the spring equinox so that should mean no more savage winds, for a while anyway.  Once again I can be found regularly outside Balzanos on Saturday mornings.  By the way, I tend to get there early so if you are after something for that day, it is wise to get there early too!  BUT you can always contact me ahead of time,as in the day before, and I will save you something.  I am also continuing with the flower box-scheme.  Last thing, otherwise this will hardly be construed as speedy, is ........... that a really fab birthday present for a special person is a regular delivery of flowers spread over the year.  So when you are stuck for a present idea, and would like something a little bit different this might just be the answer you have been looking for. Might be worth a thought perhaps ?  

25th Feb 2015

this Cardoon was taken on a beautiful 25th February day, and despite its well wintered seed head appearance I can't help smelling a warm golden summer day on its way via the burgeoning spring that will soon be here

happy new year 2015!

Third of Jan 2015 and the weather is filthy foul so here is a glimpse of a warm sunny sun day .....

Christmas build up …….

I will be at Balzanos on Saturdays during the lead up to Christmas.  I will have a range of Christmasy things from Nkuku, and a selection of dried flowers and other flowery things.

go Chrysanths … !

Think Autumn, think Chrysanthemum ..... these beauties are adding to the other rich autumnal colours at the moment.  They should keep going till the first frost so, even though I am not at Balzanos every Saturday, you could still enjoy them too. This is what has been going out this week, so phone or email to check availability.  

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