Ranunculus Picotee Pink

Right....  I have just planted 100 Ranunculus Picotee Pink having soaked them for 24 hours.  Developing from dry claw like things yesterday and growing to slimey baby oysterish like things today. Oysters, I feel I should add here, are not my favourite food.  BUT hopefully these wee things will turn into beautiful pink and white blobs that will look just fab in a vase.  Last time I did Ranunculus NOT ONE came up.  SO this time I am being a bit more organised and have put most of them in flower pots so I can really watch what is going on!  Some have gone in the ground too, so a compare and contrast sesh can take place in the event that any come up.  

Otherwise lots of seeds are germinating FAST and will be moved on very soon.  So last week was dig-dig-diggin week.  In my garden, and in the gardens where I work, everything is really beginning to wake up from its winter sleep.  And I know its a cliche BUT it is always such an inspirational time of year is March. Suddenly after the cold, the dark, the snow (well alright not much of that this year) it really does seem as if everything is possible.  Which indeed it is.

Posted on 17 March 2012